The 5 Best Blackout Tent—make days feel like nighttime

For some reason, the sun seems to rise early in the wild. Even though you want to sleep through the morning, you can’t. The glaring sunlight will travel through the tent and slap you on the face to wake you up right away.

You can’t have those extra hours of shut-eye while the sun is right over the head. Not inside those ordinary tents. But with the Best blackout tent, things are different. You can sleep through the morning without worry about the light hitting your face.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Then you should check them out if you’re looking for something like that too.

The 5 Best Blackout Tent—Keep the light out

While looking for the best darkroom tents, I’ve come across some great ones. But after making side by side comparisons of everything like durability, quality, budget, and other things, I’ve picked the ones here.

So, you don’t have to go through a big pile of tents to get the ultimate camping gear. You will get one from the 5-tents I’ve got here.

For that, you’ve got to check them out first. Let’s do that.

Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

When it comes to producing quality camping tents, there aren’t many better than Coleman. No surprise, they’ve got some blackout tents in their vault too for the people. The one here I’ve got is the Coleman Dome tent.

First thing you notice looking at the tent is that it looks great. The black and green color really makes it look a standout. But the function that does make the real difference is the darkroom. With 90% of sunlight getting blocked, you can sleep even if the sun is right in front of the tent.

And not that it just blocks the light, it even works to prevent the heat of it from getting through, which is why you can sleep comfortably without feeling any real heat building inside the den. No doubt, the ventilation intakes, and outtakes help with that part too as it lets the cold breeze come through and get the hot heat flash out from inside of it.

Besides, helping with the sun and heat, the Coleman tent holds up well against wind and rain. The strong frame will make sure you can stay safe and dry if there is a storm out there.

And being a fast pitching tent, you never have to struggle with getting it set up.


  • Quick setup.
  • Well seamed canvas.
  • Screen room.
  • Room for 4-people
  • Blocks sun and heat


  • Neon green rainfly attracts bugs.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

For a big tent, look into the Ozark. There aren’t many tents that can make room for 10-people inside it at once. And it is one of those few exceptions that can do just that.

Besides making room for your whole crew, you’re getting a durable tent that takes care of other issues. The most important one being the blocker of the sunlight. Just like the earlier Coleman, this one also uses Dark rest technology for the tent, where it helps to keep the sunlight from coming in as well as keep things cool inside the den.

What’s great about it that it got multiple skylight ceilings on top that let you customize it. So, at night, you can open them to gaze at the stars while at dawn, close them to prevent the sunlight from glaring on your face.

Though it’s a big tent, the set up of it doesn’t take a lot of time. The pre-attached poles on it help you get it pitched on the ground within minutes. Even the headroom it offers is quite impressive. Tall guys can appreciate this one for sure.

With a durable canvas and strong steel frame, the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent is perfect to use in almost all conditions.


  • Spacious
  • Mesh windows
  • Durable canvas
  • Easy to set up
  • Tall tent


  • Tent is a bit heavy.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

The instant set up Coleman Cabin tent is worth looking into for various reasons. First of all, the brand is something that you can trust with your eyes closed.

Coleman has a reputation for making quality camping gears. To prove that again, they got this massive 10-person tent. Inside there is an anti-wet floor that keeps the person dry even if the ground is wet and muddy. The same goes for the canvas itself, as it got seamless stitching with welded corners to keep the water out. Also, need to mention the room divider that gives privacy if you need it.

For extra protection against harsh weather, the Coleman comes with a rainfly too. You will love the fact it got reflective guy lines, which make it visible even in the dark. And when talking about the dark, even in broad daylight, you will feel like night inside the tent.  All thanks to its dark room that blocks 90% of the light.

No more missing out on those morning naps in the wild camping. Just pack it in the storage bag and take it with you anywhere you like. It got made for that.


  • Great space
  • Good ventilation
  • Visible at night
  • Comes with rainfly
  • Instant set up


  • Not lightweight

Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent

Another one from Coleman coming to make its mark on the list. This time it is the Rocky mountain.

Compared to the other one, it is a bit different in the sense that it blocks out almost all the daylight. That’s right. The two blackout bedrooms you get with the tent is capable of keeping 99% of light out from coming into the room.

From inside you never feel like the sun has risen as it blocks it so well. It doesn’t even let you feel the heat as it got UV guarding canvas to keep things cool under the roof.

Leaving aside the quality darkroom capabilities of it, it offers a quality tent overall. The thing is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around while traveling. A great part of it because of the fiberglass poles it uses to pitch the tent. It can take on the winds without adding the weight of the steel poles for you to carry.

Coupled with that you get a large space within it. Five people can easily sleep inside which makes it the perfect traveling gear for family trips. But what truly impresses it is the balance it offers of light and darkness. You get large PVC windows that let the light to come in without letting the bugs or water get inside. And when you need privacy, you get the covers to shut it off whenever you one.

Plus, it works wonders with its 100% waterproof canvas and groundsheet to keep the people dry.

All in all, this one is one of the most brilliant camping gear not just as a blackout tent but as a camping gear as a whole.


  • Got 3 rooms
  • Breathable fabric
  • Great water resistance
  • Sturdy structure


  • Zip closure on the entrance doesn’t work smoothly.

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping

For a quick pop up camping tent, go with the Quechua one. All you need is 2 seconds to get the structure up and have a place to live anywhere you want. That’s because it got a free-standing structure.

When it comes to blocking the sunlight, the Quechua works wonders. Similar to the previous Coleman tent, it offers 99% darkness inside it. All thanks to the black layer inside the tent. It keeps the light out while the fresh white exterior works to not absorb any heat.

Besides that, the flysheet with its side panels let the air circulate quite well within the tent. So, it doesn’t get warm inside like a hot oven, unlike some other tents. The two-person tent is really comfortable. But that’s not all.

Aside from dealing with the heat, the den does a good job of keeping the rain to creep in. And the tent itself has a quiet structure that can take on crazy wind forces.

Now, that’s the kind of shelter you need while camping in the wild.


  • Free-standing.
  • Good space.
  • Well-ventilated
  • Rain and wind protection


  • Not for a large family.


Going camping with friends or families, the night gets quite crazy. You play games, party, and right when you go to sleep in the tent, the morning light gives a smack on the face making you regret your earlier decisions.

But with the best blackout tent, no such regret. The sun can be right outside your window, and you can sleep inside it like it doesn’t exist.

The tents on the list are that great. But maybe you’re still not sure which one to pick.

For someone who travels alone a lot, Quechua is the best choice. It is small, durable, and blocks out light quite well. For those who camp with crews, either the Coleman 10-person or the Ozark Trail is what you need. They got plenty of space.

All five of them are great. There is no wrong choice you can make.

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