ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Tent

Last Updated on May 22, 2022

We recommend this tent for adventurous couples, small families, a small group of friends, and car campers. This lightweight tent will put on a reliable performance even against harsh weather. It is an excellent option in that price bracket.


  • Base Size: 63.75 sq. ft. (7’ 6” x 8’ 6”)
  • Center Height: 52 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs 7 oz
  • Vestibule Area: 25 sq. ft.
  • Vestibule Depth: 35 inches
  • Pole Diameter: 11mm
  • Design: Freestanding, Aluminum two pole
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Colors: Clay and Rust

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4P Tent Detailed Review

The Good

1# Sturdy Construction

In the case of tents, one of the most important factors to consider is the combination of comfort and reliability. The tent should offer utmost comfortability while still withstanding the challenges of the harsh outdoor conditions.

The Lynx 4-person tent is a leading runner in its tier in that particular section. It performs better than most of its competitors, with several fascinating features. This tent will not bend or break even against heavy wind.

A polyester-made water-resistant fly with UV protection is one of them. This sturdy tent has two robust aluminum poles that work as the main frame. Those poles help to resist the wind and make it particularly firm.

2# Easy To Assemble

Setting up a tent without prior experience is usually a pain, and things will only get more difficult if you have a tent that requires a little strength and time to pitch.

However, you are fortunate if you can buy a tent that requires no experience to set up without difficulty. The Lynx 4-person tent offers you to be that lucky guy. This tent will eliminate the aggravation by requiring almost no setup.

This tent has a freestanding design. The assembly of a freestanding tent is always simple and takes merely a few minutes. It’s the sort of tent you’ll need if you arrive at the campsite late at night, as the convenience of setup means you won’t have to worry about your accommodation for the night.

3# Keeps You Away From Water

When you’re out on a camping trip, nothing can match the horror of waking up at midnight only to find a soaked tent along with your camping gear. That’s not an experience anyone would enjoy. In fact, it will make us furious, right?

Well, if your answer is yes, then you should get yourself a tent with the best protection against rainwater. The tent should have a leak-free design just like the Lynx 4-person tent. It has multiple layers of protection to ensure the best defense against rainwater.

The first layer of protection starts with the durable rainfly which keeps the torrent at bay while keeping you dry and warm at the same time. The 75D 185T rated poly taffeta floor is another noteworthy feature due to its durability and a 2000mm coating to prevent water from entering.

4# Spacious Interior

Another aspect that you cannot afford to overlook is space. If it’s too small, you might have to cram yourself in. However, if you go too big, you’ll end up with a lot of room you’ll never use.

As a 4-person tent, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 tent is perfect for a small/medium-sized family with their gear or for a couple of friends, and it’s one of the best Small-Sized Tents For Camping. It ensures that there is more than enough room for everyone without jeopardizing your comfort.

You’ll also have plenty of room to store your camping gear. Aside from the spacious tent, the fly has two vestibules that you can use as extra storage for small, light objects.

5# Easy Portability

When it comes to tents, it suffices to say that portability is crucial. It would be pointless to have a fantastic tent that is difficult to transport. Having an easy-to-carry tent without enough comfortable interior space is also ineffective.

The Lynx 4 tent, luckily for you, is the best of both worlds; it’s the perfect size for accommodating up to four people, and it’s also quite light, so you can handle it with ease.

The Bad

Nothing in this world is 100% perfect so we tend to choose the one that is closest to that mark. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 tent is one of that kind. It is packed with a lot of amazing features and only has a few minor downsides. Like the low center height, a little lower than perfect ventilation when the rainfly is up, etc.

The bad sides aren’t that much and it still stands tall as one of the best 4 person tent options available.


  • A lightweight 4-person tent option
  • Tent body and separate rain fly makes it a double-walled tent
  • Strong aluminum poles
  • Waterproof seamed floor
  • Enough space for hanging out inside the tent
  • Excellent weather protection
  • UV resistant


  • The roof height is very low
  • Not properly ventilated when the rainfly is up


The ALPS Mountaineering is a name that you can trust when it comes to tents. The Lynx tent series from this tent brand is no exception. It’s a great investment for a couple, small families, or 2/3 nature lover friends. The tent will offer you the necessary protection while also ensuring the safety of your things.

The tent is also simple to put together and lightweight, making it ideal for hikers who want to go a long distance. Furthermore, it is built with high-quality materials that ensure your comfort and safety. Alps mountaineering tents are a great trekking option at a reasonable price.

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Tent
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