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Campgrasp is founded by Euell Gibbons. He is an outdoorsman and proponent of natural diets. He loves camping, hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Camping is a way of life for him – as soon as he can get away from work, he’s out there!

Euell Gibbons and his team runs this website.

There is no doubt camping one of the most exciting outdoor activities. It is a fun place for everyone. Family, friends, or colleagues, no matter with whom you go with, they are always a splendid experience.

However, the fun starts to fade sometime. You will be a little hesitant while picking the camping gears. It is normal because you do not have years of camping experience. It could be about sleeping bags or camp stoves. These hesitations puzzle a newbie to pick the best camping tool.

Millions of questions will slam you before camping. Which tent will be the best, or how can I keep the tent warm? You may also ask what if there is no power in the campground.

All these puzzling hesitations and intensifying queries can ruin your entire camping trip. No one in the group will love to see your grumpy face while setting up the picnic table or sleeping pads.

CampGrasp will come with authentic camping tips or camping product review. Our mission statement is “Get your Grasp on Camping.” So it is evident that all our tips, reviews, and discussions will target to provide you a smooth camping trip.

We go to the market and visit online stores to get quality camping products. You do not have time to go over the sub-standard products. Therefore, we only test high-quality products to save your time.

If there is no way to test the gear, we talk to the real campers. These hipsters prefer to pack a first aid kit rather than taking a picture for social media. CampGrasp firmly relies on these “battle-tested” outdoors.

We do not push products to our visitors. Our affiliates test those camping gear in different environments. Based on their feedback, CampGrasp only gives you the good and bad about the equipment. We do not tell which one is the best like other camping websites. On the contrary, we categorize every camping tool. So you could get those according to your preference and affordability.

CampGrasp wants to ensure a safe and smooth camping experience for you. Thus, we tailor our tips and tricks based on the opinions of the real campers. These veteran campers spend the night on rugged mountains or in the serenity of state parks. Therefore, you will get a touch of diversity in our every “How To” posts.

Our visitors don’t forget to check the page before every camping season. Why? Because CampGrasp helped them to pick the best gadgets for their last outing. We provide objective information about the products and authentic tips on camping. It makes them come back.

So no matter where you go for this seasons camping, it will be a good idea to check CampGrasp. We always make sure you get nothing but honest reviews and authentic tips.

If you have any queries or want to share your opinions, visit campgrasp.com.

Have fun camping with our loved ones!

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